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There is no real English word such as "Nunu", though privately, Nunu is a silly term of endearment my husband coined for our shiba inu, Mya, and all her shiba antics.

She is, then, our very own Shiba Nunu!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party at Pup Culture

After changing my mind three times whether or not Mya should go to the Halloween Party, we finally made it to Pup Culture in her simple home-made costume.  In choosing what her costume will be for the occasion, my top priority was her comfort, not wanting to aggravate any skin irritation.  As expected, she tried to remove it and managed to convince me to keep it off soon after her photo session was over.  Here is Mya in her Halloween costume. 
Her flag came all the way from Mt. Fuji's level 5.

Thanks, Pup Culture, for organizing the party.  Mya had a lot of fun, specially after having won the Longest Stay grand prize. Thank you, Mya, for not letting me down even when there were so many distractions.  Too bad you don't do the same during agility! She would have loved to compete in the grand finals of the Trick and Treat game but "mommy" made her go home right after winning in her 'division'.  Ooh!  Competitive!

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