Welcome to Shiba-Nunu

There is no real English word such as "Nunu", though privately, Nunu is a silly term of endearment my husband coined for our shiba inu, Mya, and all her shiba antics.

She is, then, our very own Shiba Nunu!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Shiba Inu Encounter

The shiba inu paw-rents took so long in planning Mya and Samu's "playdate".  About a year in the making?  But like what usually happens when it comes to human adults organizing coffee-dates or let's-catch-up-dates, this one happened when it was quite unplanned.

What was unexpected too, was the aloofness of both parties toward each other.  At least, that was how it was relayed to me. Rear-sniffing here and there, some circling, and that was it.  I was probably being silly, half-expecting a reaction like those in the cartoons when they would see another one of their species for the first time.

Getting a good sniff... a real good sniff!

But for now, it's good...no scream...no growl... Let's see what happens tomorrow.  Mya has been kind of the "life of the party", always taunting other dogs to play, while from an outsider's point of view, Samu is of the reserved character, at least in the beginning.  Like a traditional dignified Japanese man.  Then Mya would be a... geisha?  Let's see if this girl can bring out the playfulness in the serious pal.


  1. yey! Shiba Inus in the Philippines!

  2. It's funny how, sometimes, we see the people (dogs) closest to us in such a different light! I've never thought of Samu as reserved. He's always been the naughty, sneaky, snarky, quirky pup. But after observing him in Pup C., I do see strains of reservation (but he's always been a little aloof).


  3. Perhaps Samu can be naughty, sneaky, snarky and quirky around people and dogs he is close to. When he gets to be more comfortable with new dogs and people, I'm sure he will let us see that side of him too! Come to think of it... he gave us a sneak preview when he let Mya chase him around the house! :) More vsits!

  4. By the way, some say that Mya is so dainty and I'm like "Er???", but yeah, I guess she has a dainty way of being a rufus!