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There is no real English word such as "Nunu", though privately, Nunu is a silly term of endearment my husband coined for our shiba inu, Mya, and all her shiba antics.

She is, then, our very own Shiba Nunu!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Respectable Elizabethan Nunu-Collar

A much needed surprise upgrade! A kind soul took pity on the impoverished look of Mya's old lamp-shade collar and gave her a new one which fit her perfectly. No need for home-made extensions anymore.  Good bye to daily masking tape re-touches! Yes, I can sleep better now as Mya will not wake me up in the middle of the night anymore with her shiba shake sound aggravated by e-collar extensions flapping. Dr. Leo is curing the canine hot spots gone not so wild, as well as the humans' sleep deprivation.  Check out the before and after shots.

Mya seems to know she looked sad in the old collar.
 And she also seems to know she looks much better now.

Unrelated to the topic...Here's a simple pre-walk photo. Enjoying the lowered sofa- no legs for now while renovation is on-going.

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