Welcome to Shiba-Nunu

There is no real English word such as "Nunu", though privately, Nunu is a silly term of endearment my husband coined for our shiba inu, Mya, and all her shiba antics.

She is, then, our very own Shiba Nunu!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Conversations with Mya

The shibanunu is quite a good listener, but  there are some topics that she finds most engaging...

1. her harness- as in "where's your harness?"
2. her leash- as in "where's your leash?"
3. Pup Culture
4. "Walk" which I dared not to mention to avoid funny whimpering noises that might follow

PS. Don't mind the chopping noises from the background.  That's the sound of Mya's lunch being prepared.

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