Welcome to Shiba-Nunu

There is no real English word such as "Nunu", though privately, Nunu is a silly term of endearment my husband coined for our shiba inu, Mya, and all her shiba antics.

She is, then, our very own Shiba Nunu!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mya Underfoot

Though her cat-like manner makes me think of her other than canine many times, there are things she does that remind me she's canine afterall. One I always see is her denning instinct.  Every morning, she keeps us company at breakfast and after her 2 pieces of scrambled egg, she always settles under the table and sleeps. So I'm pretty sure she's not just waiting for scraps to fall.

She has been given the name "Mya Underfoot" because she is very good at putting herself in the likeliest of places to be accidentally stepped on. But just a slight touch to the fur on her tail can send her jumping up in no time.  And then she's back again! Funny girl!

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